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The best day of my school life!!!

I would like to tell you something about the best day of my school life. It was the enrollment in elementary school. I think this was a step into a new life because you have to go to school for 10 years, this is a big component of your life and you will never experience it twice.

From this moment on many things have changed like: having less freetime because of homework and learning for tests.

One month before the important day, my mom and I went shopping to buy a nice satchel and other school equipment.
4 weeks later I only had to wait one day before I went to school. I was very excited and I asked myself many questions like: How would the teachers be like? Would I find nice friends? Would my classmates be friendly? etc. Then the day I had been waiting for, had come!
We, my parents and I, went to my school. It was the Görresschool in Röhlinghausen.
There the teachers and ´older'''''''' pupils had organized a little show. They sang songs, danced and they acted a little performance.
Later we went in our classroom where our teacher gave us the schedule and we had to present ourselves.
After this, my parents waited for me and we went home. As we arrived there my whole family was already waiting for me.
They congratulated me and I got many presents and a big tart.

Then we celebrated this day because, like I said, it was a big step into a new life. This was my best day of my school life.

Pupil of tutor group 9b (guess who I am!)


My best day at school

My best day in school was nine years ago. I was six years old. It was my first day at school.
The name of my Primary School is"Görres" .

It was a wonderful sunny day, my parents and grandparents were with me. I can well remember that I wore my favourite clothes, my purple t-shirt, with a rose in the middle, my trousers in grey and my casual shoes.

I was in class c. Our classsymbol was a raven whose name was Leo. In my class were Hilal, Kevin and Cedric. In my parallel class were Jennifer and Kevin. The five pupils are in my class now.

I chose that day, because it was my first experience at school in this big world. I was on my own – without any help. At school, I met people who I like.

After school, we went to the photographer who took photos of me, because it was my first day at school.

I will never forget that day, because I just loved it.

Pupil of tutor group 9b


English breakfast in der 7b

Ein englisches Frühstück fand auch in der 7b bereits im Dezember 2009 statt.


English breakfast in der 7a

Am Ende der Unterrichtseinheit „Food and drink“ organisierte die Englischlehrerin, Frau Soldat, für die Klasse 7a im Februar 2010 ein typisch englisches Frühstück.

Dank der Mithilfe von 4 Müttern aus der Klasse ist es gelungen, alle warmen Speisen (Rührei, Speck, Würstchen, Tomaten, Bohnen in Tomatensoße und Champignons punktgenau beim Eintreffen der Schüler und Schülerinnen fertig gestellt zu haben.

Ein Dank auch an die Schülerinnen der Klasse 10, die am Vortag nach Schulschluss für 32 Personen die Tische eingedeckt haben.


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